If you are interested in screening Sixteen Decisions or Anonymously Yours, please fill out the form below so we can respond to your request. Please fill in all applicable fields of the form.

Aerial Productions is committed to making its films accessible to a wide range of community and activist organizations and individuals. In filling out the form below, please advise us of your organization’s financial limitations. We do try to be flexible in our pricing. We will respond to your request with a price we believe to be fair and reasonable. If there are any questions regarding our services please feel free to contact us via our Sydney webpage.

Generally, we provide rentals for three-week periods. Shipping and handling prices for rentals and purchases will vary.

Please note that all educational and institutional distribution of our films is handled by Berkeley Media LLC, in Berkeley, California. Unless you are interested in having the filmmaker come and speak at a campus screening or event, all educational buyers and renters should contact Berkeley Media LLC at:

Berkeley Media LLC 2600 Tenth Street, Suite 626 Berkeley, CA 94710-2522

Phone: 510-486-9900 Fax: 510-486-9944