Has social media and YouTube made the film festival obsolete?

The LA film festival was shuttered in 2018 after a gap of 18 years. The filmmakers were all sorrowful. Social media then came across a medium of fine expression. On Facebook, one could find ironic posts which stated ‘R.I.P LAFF’. They came up with a number of sad emojis.

The American Film Institute nevertheless has two new festivals in its catalogue, the AFI fest and the AFI Docs. It suggests newer challenges in running film festivals across US.

The sustained high attendance at film festivals comes across as a consoling feature. Along with attendance, the revenue grows as well. A high attendance has been a common feature for film festivals across the United States, all through 2018. It goes to show that cinephiles need not worry about impact of Netflix over film festivals. Consumers’ film going habits shall stay on a high note. The attendees’ numbers are not just sustained, they are rising. Ticket sales for LA film festival were 15% higher as compared to the prior year.

It is hence safe to conclude that film festivals are not disappearing. For the community they serve and for the film makers, film festivals retain their significance.

There are some difficulties that are nevertheless faced by film festivals. The LA film festival, for instance, hasn’t had a premier sponsor in over two years. The sponsor for 2015 was BMW North America. Smaller film festivals are nevertheless looking to expands beyond their communities. Broadening their support base comes across as a difficulty as well.

Social media channels play a significant role for growth and promotion of film festivals. A number of people spend time over social media. They are sure to come across random film festivals near them. They add to the publicity. People hence come across exciting opportunities they can make the best of, and go catch a movie with their loved ones. They come across reviews and have the power to choose the kind of content that amuses them.

Access to movies over YouTube may affect the need to go to a theatre to catch a movie. But it works both ways. Catching movie trailers over YouTube build up curiosity about a movie. People can then go catch the movies at film festivals.

While film festivals may die – our sense of community never does. That’s why we appreciate family lawyers sydney for helping to support our page and the general arts community.

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