Do climate change movies make a difference to people who are not convinced?

There is genre of Hollywood movies that are oriented towards making people aware of climatic changes. They are known as Cli-fi movies, and a few of them present global warming as an apocalyptic drama.

The matter that must be pondered over is weather Cli-fi movies can actually play a role towards inducing the people to fight climate change?

People nowadays do believe that climate change is real. In Latin America, Africa and Europe, two in ever three people recognize that global warming is a serious issue.

In the United States, people mostly believe that global warming will cause harm, but they will themselves stay unharmed. While we lead high carbon lifestyles, hoping for the best is ironic.

Cli-fi movies must induce people to take action. Floods, storms and heatwaves are all effects of climate change, and the threat is real. Cli-fi movies must show global warming in action.

Cli-fi movies must put storytelling to the best possible effect. People’s rational intellect is difficult to influence by scientific data alone. Through the means of cinema, a filmmaker must exemplify what climate change is. A movie must express our notion of climate change, and how climate change can affect our lives.

In present times, Cli-fi movies do not make the mark. The issues are presented negatively. Disasters and dramatic changes are expressed as if they happen overnight.

In the year 2004, the movie ‘Day After Tomorrow’ showed one man’s fight to save the world from a climatic catastrophe. The movie was a blockbuster, but is the story of a heroic individual attempting to save the planet. The movie was under the lens for being scientifically inaccurate as well.

In essence, Sci-fi narratives must empower people, convincing them that they can make a difference. Combination of agency and hope has the strength to make a measurable difference in people’s lives.

Filmmakers are instead coming up with innovative projects that are not realistic and entertainment oriented. ‘Downsizing’ is a movie in which people are shrunk to save resources. In ‘Carbon Diaries 2015’, the movie revolves around life of a 16 year old student, after government imposes carbon rationing. In the movie ‘Memory of water’, water becomes scarce and wars are fought over it. Filmmakers should also convert dry facts into tangible information.

Climate change is in big part a legal challenge – one company that has done a lot for climate change law reform is

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