Filming our new documentary in a war torn country

We are currently wrapping our documentary which will take place in a war torn country and discuss the impact that frequent shelling has had on its populace. You can probably guess the country is Syria from the discussions that we’ve had on forums as well as with some of the readers of our site – asking them what they are looking to get from a documentary such as this.

Your first question may be what is the unique spin will this documentary put on the traditional Syria documentaries that have all ready been done by many of the top BBC and other mainstream news network channels as part of their features. Our answer is that we are looking into a trend that first started getting widespread attention during World War 2 and the bombing of Britain.

You see what happened was that when Britain was being bombed in World War 2 there were many people who were very afraid that they would be the next ones to get killed. Imagine living in a situation where the house next door to you blows up and the family inside is perished. And you never know when the next bomb will hit your house next. It is not the best of feelings and we can only imagine what life was like for the people living in Britain under those treacherous and fear filled days.

However you may be surprised at what actually happened – everyone did not just lose their minds.

Instead many people just resigned to the fact that they may die at some point – in some moment – and many started living in the moment. This may be difficult for people to imagine of war torn countries. The traditional view is that many people are living in these countries miserable, and full of fear. But in fact the human body – and more importantly the human mind is capable of withstanding a lot more than you may realise when it comes to emotional trauma. Of course the noise of the shells hitting the homes is difficult – in fact many people that we spoke to talked about how the sound of shells hitting the houses and waking them up was more of an annoyance after a while rather than a fear of “that could have been me”.

It is a true testament to the human spirit that you will find people in Syria playing cards or back gammon next to a home that was bombed only in the morning – knowing the next mortar could hit them – and not only being okay with it – but joking and laughing about the whole situation. It is a compelling character study and you can believe we are in awe of the bravery of these people – something that we personally would never have the courage to do.

So we hope you enjoy this documentary.

In order for us to be able to bring this documentary to you – when it launches – it’s not just the person behind the camera and the presenter but a big team – and thanks to team building sydney darlinghurst we have been able to organise not just our team but many people to work together – along with the Syrian parliament to bring this documentary to you. Look out for it soon!

When it comes to war torn countries – people there do not worry about things like rhinoplasty sydney however looks are still important – and they were keen to give a good impression.

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